I Buy the Cheapest Phone Cases

10 months ago Jack 0
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I’m cheap. When I walk into a BestBuy and see phone cases organized on their pegboard racks with prices higher than some of the phones they sell, I cringe. Right now, someone wants you to think that your $600 phone is worth protecting with a $100 case. Well, it’s worth protecting, sure, but not for that kind of money. It’s a dang rectangular piece of rubber. You buy the $15 one on Amazon and it keeps your phone safe. Heck, you can go buy 5 different cases for your phone, some screen protectors, and a nice lunch for the price of some of these things.

You will make some sacrifices with a cheap case. Sometimes the holes aren’t perfectly spaced or sized or the fit is just slightly off. However, modern manufacturing of even the cheaper cases means that experiencing those issues will be rare.

Dang if I’ll pay that much for a single case.