Cheap Shoes Cost Too Much

9 months ago Jack 0
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Jerry from down the street keeps getting his muffler replaced every 9 months at the same shop. “They’re cheap”, he says, “and since I need new mufflers so often I go there to save money.” Wrong, Jerry. That muffler breaks every 9 months because you cheap out on getting it fixed.

Sometimes being cheap means paying more up front and getting a better deal in the long run. Fictional Jerry up there could spend triple on a high quality muffler and even if it only lasted three years, he’d be better off. Especially if that imaginary cost doesn’t include labor.

What About Shoes?

What about them? It’s the same thing. Everyone knows a Jerry; someone proud of every cent they save now regardless of the risks or long term costs. With shoes, too often a cheap pair ends up ripped up and near useless within a couple months. Shoes take a dang beating if you actually get up and move! After choosing a shoe you didn’t like the look or feel of just to save $20 you end up having to go through the process all over again. That means spending time online or in stores shopping, trying things on, driving around, and wondering what shoe is going to be comfortable and last in the long term.

Instead, try a better method. Find a shoe that gets pretty good durability reviews; something out for half a year or more. Dig through the reviews of people who’ve owned them for the long term to see if there are glaring faults or issues. If buyers mostly enjoy the shoe, camp out the best deal sites for coupons or promotions to buy them. If you already know the shoe is great and works well for you from first hand (foot) experience, consider buying more than one pair when they’re on deep discount.

My current pair of shoes lasted me about a year (so far) but are on the way out. Full disclosure: I’m pretty sure I paid the full price of about $110 for these shoes. I’ve been wearing the same line of shoe from the time near when it came out and I trust the model and brand. This Black Friday, I bought a second pair at half price to replace my current ones when they finally bite the dust. All the time searching for deals, gambling that different bargain brands or models will last long enough to make it to the next deal isn’t my kind of saving. That’s especially true if your shoe choices end up like Jerry’s mufflers.