Review: CCK KS Parkour Version Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

9 months ago Jack 0
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PARKOUR! Take your self back to “The Office” and the joyous days of parking lot parkour. Now forget all that and read a review of some cheap earphones.

CCK KS Parkour Version Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

Inside the box you’ll find a carrying bag, USB cable, some earphone tips, and the earphones themselves. Standard equipment at this point. No surprises. The earphones have a strange piston shape that doesn’t look very practical, but actually works. Hidden under a cap on the left ear is the micro USB charging port. On the right ear, three buttons and a blue LED. Full directions on how to change the volume, pair the headphones, advance or go back a track, pause music, or answer a call are all found in the manual. It will take some extra presses to give three buttons so many functions.

As for specs, the Amazon description claims “IPX-5” sweat resistance, noise cancelling technology, and an 8-hour run time with 180-hour standby time.

How are they?

Not terrible. They don’t compare well to more expensive headphones, or some other wired headphones, in audio quality.  Compared directly against something like Sennheiser’s CX 685i earphones, the sound out of these gets blown away. Sennheiser’s earphones drive less harshness into your scull and maintain a broader range of frequencies.

These Parkour earphones lack bass and sound pretty hollow by comparison. Volume regulation on these bluetooth earphones cost them some imaginary points. A single press of the volume button can take them from too soft to too loud. Finding a comfortably listening volume presents a challenge. In contrast, the Sennheisers don’t get all that loud, so you can make finer tunes of hte volume slider and get to that optimum intensity level. The price puts the Sennheisers out budget for most people looking at a cheap solution though. For many of us, that’s enough to tolerate the downsides of these while enjoying the benefit of wireless comfort.

They get all of the points for convenience though. even sport earphones can’t match the freedom wireless ones provide. Wearing these at work means you can move around your desk, office, warehouse, or wherever without concern for snagging wires and yanking your phone out of your hands; only to have the screen shatter as it impacts the deceptively hard commercial grade carpet. Out for a walk, it’s obvious that wearing the wires over the years keep the headphones snugly tucked into your hear-flaps. It’s hard to say whether serious strenuous activity will knock them loose; suffice to say that they “hold their own”.

Against something cheaper like the Mee Audio M6 earphonesshow above, comparisons become more difficult. The Mee Audio earphones will give you more bass, but take away the convenience. Hovering near the same price, no one would blame you for having a tough time choosing. Wired headphones mean never having to charge them, getting a little bit better sound, and for some, keep you open to using your FM radio app (Oh, forgot about that one did you?!).


These CCK KS Parkour Version headphones have their uses and merits. They are not for audiophiles. Instead, people who just want to hear their music, some talk radio, or YouTube videos without wires may want to look into a pair. Just remember the trade-off. Wireless earphones require power.

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