Review: Sparin Moto E4 Screen Protector & Case

7 months ago Jack 0
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Need a case for your Moto E4? This one might do.

Sparin makes tons of phone accessories. This case, and a screen protector pack, for the Moto E4 that now functions as my “daily driver” are the accessories I chose to keep my phone safe.

The Case

It seems to do a solid job protecting the phone, though there haven’t been any serious impacts or accidents yet. A few drops onto a carpeted floor shouldn’t hurt a phone too much, but with the case on, they didn’t hurt it at all. This case adds bulk to the phone because of the dual-layer design. It never fattens the phone to Otterbox levels though. It also hugs the phone just enough around the edges that the tempered glass screen protector I ordered does not get peeled back and cracked.

The buttons on the case smoothly depress the phone buttons without much loss of feel. The volume up button on my phone has a little less “click” than the other two, and the case buttons erase the feel enough to make it seem mushy. Still, it doesn’t lack feel and works fine. Cutouts for ports are generous in size and should accommodate many USB cables and headphones.

The Screen Protectors

The screen protectors don’t add weird chromatic effects to the screen, cover the viewing area well, and have a smooth oleo-phobic (rejecting of skin oil) feel. The edges don’t adhere well to the phone so the screen protector left an air gap right around the edges on about 1/3 of the phone. That disappointed me at first, but the situation doesn’t affect my use of the phone so, even with OCD tendencies, I’m OK with it.

I hope that helps you find some good accessories for your Moto E4 phone. I’m really enjoying the phone myself. The features and simplicity of the phone coupled with great battery life have fit my needs well. To some folk, protecting a phone this cheap may seem like a waste, but it was worth it to me.