Review: Finnhomy 15kg Digital Kitchen Scale

6 months ago Jack 0
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Browsing Amazon makes it seem like there are as many kitchen scales as there are 8-letter combinations of roman letters. This one here has an unusually high capacity for a kitchen scale. Is it any good? I’ll weight in after the break.

The Amazon listing advertises this as a kitchen and postal scale. I’ll give you my impression of both. You can read the specs right from the page and I’ll tell you how it measures up to those.



It works. It’s actually pretty precise too. Placing the same AA battery on the scale over and over yielded results in a range of about 2 grams. Larger objects like a package I recently mailed were pretty accurately measured as well. The package weighed in at 6lbs 9.5oz on the Finnhomy digital scale. At the post office; 6lbs 9.3oz. Not half bad. The scale had a harder time with gradual additions of granular substances.

Testing it out while cooking with family, we gradually poured powder on to a paper plate (that had been erased from measurement using the TARE function) and it would not register the changes. These weren’t minute amounts; a pinch here or dash there. This should have registered as about 20-25 grams.

So it’s a mixed bag. Pretty great for larger things, but so-so for fine weighing.

Ease of Use

The scale is very easy to use. The mode button switches between different units. Lbs, lbs-oz, or grams. The tare function eliminates whatever weight is currently on the scale. There’s even a hold function that keeps the current weight on the screen after the object weighed is removed.

The scale runs on four AA batteries. I haven’t used it excessively, but those batteries are still in the scale after a couple months of sporadic use.

A good point to note is that the scale measurements are taken from the feet. This scale will only work well when the four feet are placed on a flat hard level surface. Supporting the middle will do nothing. That said, this construction gives you a huge surface to place objects on. The box I weighed and shipped the other day had a 7″ x 14″ cross section and fit well enough to weigh easily.

Fit & Finish

The battery door is kind of a pain to open. It sticks tightly shut and there aren’t any easy surfaces to grip when opening it. Also, the stainless top scratches and collects fingerprints so easily that you shouldn’t expect it to look like the pictures for more than a few seconds after opening the box. Who cares though right? Once the batteries are in you wont be opening that door for a while. Also, it’s a tool. It’s going to get beat up a little.

My favorite thing about this scale, and the reason I bought it, is the slogan; “Innovating innovation”. You really can’t get better than that.


I recommend this scale for people that don’t need precision on extremely small objects but want a scale big enough to weigh packages and heavier objects. Weigh a chunk of meat or your outgoing packages? Sure. Fine-tune a tiny quantity of salt? Probably not. For that use, you might try a tiny kitchen scale instead.

I noticed the one I bought and reviewed is out of stock. There seem to be others of almost identical design available. I can’t be sure, but they’re probably almost the same product.