Review: Lipper International Acacia Wood 18″ Lazy Susan

4 months ago Jack 0
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Despite the name, a Lazy Susan can be a handy house ware. How does this one fare? Does it stink like the back end of a mare? Should you even care? Read on to find out.

I purchased this unproductive Susan just for you readers (all 8 of you) to improve the quality of the pictures and get well rotated shots of small items. That said, we also use an older plastic one for spices in a cabinet, and even my grandmother uses one at the center of her kitchen table. Rotating platforms like this can be very convenient.

This one is 18″ in diameter, has a nice acacia wood top and bottom with a decent finish. My guess is that the finish is a light spray of polyurethane.

The product looks nice, but the construction is pretty poor. There are only six ball bearings that ride along the underside of the top plate. By ride along, I mean they ride directly on the wood. With only six, weight from the top plate isn’t well spread out into the wood; leaving a high potential for the bearings to dig in. Using a metal plate in the on both sides of the ball bearings or using more bearings probably would have been a good idea. The situation also contributes to a pretty rough rotation. They skimped.

When you look between the two plates, you see that a single wood screw holds things together. I don’t want to rip this apart to look, but I’m guessing that the screw is the only thing keeping both sides together. What you end up with is a wobbly platform that can easily be tilted when someone puts weight on it. Now, I don’t expect many higher end versions be that much better, but these are concerns. Too much weight, or an off-balance load, and you could either damage your lazy Susan or whatever was standing on top of it.

I bought this to put a product on for showcasing. I think it would work, but my concern about long term durability make me consider sending it back.

If you’re looking for a lazy Susan for the inside of a cabinet, I recommend finding a plastic one. You won’t be staring at it all day. Even on a table, a decent synthetic material with a solid bearing would be what I look for. That said, this is a pretty piece of wood that would have cost me more in tools, time, and materials to build myself. Whether or not you buy this thing should depend on your uses. If, like me, you’re interested in reviews of inexpensive products because you like durability, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and utility all rolled in to one package, then you might want to avoid this one. Use cases are limited by mediocre, but acceptable quality.

Be warned, many Amazon buyers have received outright defective versions. I’m pretty sure Amazon will just fully refund you if it’s broken, but that would mean more hassle for you.