Review: Brightech Circle LED USB Desk Lamp

3 months ago Jack 0
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Small and efficient LED lights give manufacturers and product designers the freedom build lighting in interesting shapes. In this case, Brightech tip-toed into the avant-garde with an upright circular shape reminiscent of the strange Dyson fans.


There are zero adjustable components in this lamp. What you see is what you get. A 15″ circle with a rounded corner square base. The light only shines inward at the center of the ring, but spreads around the light well. On the base, you get a touch sensitive button to switch between brightness levels (or off) and a USB port for charging your iPhone; so says Brightech. The power cable is a simple DC adapter with a thin cable running to a power brick at the prongs. Keep that in mind when looking for a place to put this. Crowded outlets could be a challenge.

Oh, see that little paper? It’s not a manual. You get a free picture of the lamp with purchase of the lamp. Neat.


My first impression was that the light was too bright. The light may not be that bright in reality, but I’ll challenge anyone to escape looking directly at the LEDs without erasing the lamp from your view. The circular shape makes that nearly impossible. The lamp switches between off and three brightness settings with a touch of the power button on the central base.

While the light may be a little intrusive, the lamp itself looks pleasing and gives a soft and even glow to the area around it.

Unlike some lamps, Brightech provided no option to change color temperatures. The lamp provides a warm glow (3,000 K) that resides in the range of incandescent light rather than daylight bulbs or other high-temperature lighting. This doesn’t seem to be meant as a reading lamp, so bright white light is not necessary. Instead, it provides a pleasant warm glow.

Fun with My Friend Lampy

The interesting shape of this lamp introduces the proposition of creative uses. I took some pictures of a game controller for another review using this lamp. Take a look at the gallery below to see some interesting ways to alter your lighting and add visual interest to your photographs.



This review was much shorter than the the TaoTronics lamp I reviewed some time ago. Why? There isn’t much to talk about here. The lamp is just a basic shape. It’s a cool accent piece with a warm light. The fun comes in looking for creative ways to use this lighting. I recommend this people who just want something different as an accent light in the room or an interesting photography and videography tool. This isn’t a versatile tool, but still an interesting one; if not a toy.

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