Review: Selle Royal Scirocco Bike Floor Pump

3 months ago Jack 0
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A bike pump review because I needed a bike pump; so there. It’s easy to buy a crappy bike pump and need to replace it within a year. This one comes from a name brand and is reasonably priced.

Bike pumps! That topic gets my blood flowing! Really though, a crummy pump can ruin your day. Do you remember those spring-loaded foot pumps? How about the compact ones that attach to your bike. Sure, there’s a use for everything, but some are easy to damage while others only provide a small portion of air with each pump. Lately, I’ve had the best luck with good old floor pumps. They won’t help you on the trail, but it’s my go-to way to fill tires before a ride.


  • Large “industrial” pressure gauge
  • Presta and Schrader “smart” valve
  • Adapters for non-bike inflatables

Selle Royal is also proud enough of this product to advertise it’s base and cylinder to be made of durable materials. I doubt they are much different than many other pumps pumps in the price range, but it is good to know that they’re selling points.


Overall, the build quality looks and feels solid. Moving parts feel precisely manufactured; I didn’t notice much play. The hose and gauge look durable enough. The feet also seem well integrated into the pump. In general, if it’s not abused, I expect this to last a while. However, I haven’t done long term testing on this pump, so I can’t say that it will last with certainty.


So far, I’ve only used this once, but I can give you a pretty decent idea of how well it works.

The valve head works well and seals up nicely. I didn’t notice any leaking and it was easy to place and lock on the stem. The smooth action of the cylinder surprised me, but the pump did not move as much air as a comparably Schwinn pump that I used the past few years. The air proved sufficient for my liking and filled my tires to approximately 50 psi quickly enough.

You would see some bouncing in the gauge as you pump your tires. That seems normal enough. I can’t scientifically gauge how accurate and precise the gauge is, but the performance seemed consistent.


So far, there isn’t anything special about this pump. It’s useful, functional, and versatile. I like that in a product. So far, I don’t have any reason not to recommend this pump to regular cyclists or families with lots of inflatable toys. The best thing about having a pump like this is that you end up in the middle ground of convenience and speed. It can fill your tires quickly but doesn’t require power. It can travel, but isn’t a micro-pump that takes forever to inflate anything. I may not end up taking this on a bike trip, but for me, it’s a handy thing to have around.