I Built A Really Cheap Gaming PC

2 months ago Jack 0
I’ve said before that a relatively cheap off-the-shelf computer can be a good base for a gaming PC. Well, I set out to prove it. For about $300, I managed to put together a system that should get a person started in PC gaming. Read on to see how it worked out! Read More

Cheap Shoes Cost Too Much

7 months ago Jack 0
Jerry from down the street keeps getting his muffler replaced every 9 months at the same shop. “They’re cheap”, he says, “and since I need new mufflers so often I go there to save money.” Wrong, Jerry. That muffler breaks every 9 months because you cheap out on getting it fixed. Read More

I Buy the Cheapest Phone Cases

8 months ago Jack 0
I’m cheap. When I walk into a BestBuy and see phone cases organized on their pegboard racks with prices higher than some of the phones they sell, I cringe. Right now, someone wants you to think that your $600 phone is worth protecting with a $100 case. Well, it’s worth protecting, sure, but not for Read More