Review: Finnhomy 15kg Digital Kitchen Scale

2 months ago Jack 0
Browsing Amazon makes it seem like there are as many kitchen scales as there are 8-letter combinations of roman letters. This one here has an unusually high capacity for a kitchen scale. Is it any good? I’ll weight in after the break. Read More

Review: Thermaltake F1 Suppressor Mini-ITX Computer Case

4 months ago Jack 0
Small form factor computers enjoy a significant following of folks looking to keep their computer size down. Products like the Intel NUC allow a person to keep a tiny PC in an almost pocketable chassis. To get a full size PC power into a smaller container though, the only practical way is the ITX form Read More

Review: Neewer NW-800 Microphpne

4 months ago Jack 0
For recording artists just starting out, acquiring equipment can seem almost impossible to do on a budget. Professionals may have dozens of microphones, recording environment acoustic treatments, amplifiers, monitors,  and more. A person has to start budgeting by the thousand to accumulate all of that. There are cheaper, and even dirt cheap options that can Read More

Review: JVC Gumy Eco-Friendly Earbuds

6 months ago Jack 0
JVC Gumy earbuds sell cheap. They’re so cheap and so common that it seemed like a good idea to give you all a detailed review of them and a comparison against other cheap headphones. Read More

Review: Nextbit Robin 32GB Unlocked Smartphone

6 months ago Jack 0
The Nextbit Robin offers some serious specs for an unlocked smartphone at an incredible price. What’s the catch? There must be a catch right? Well, yes. There are a few actually. They may not stop you from buying this phone though. The company Nextbit has been sold and support for this phone has ended. Is the hardware Read More