Review: DIYPC DIY-G5-BK ATX Computer Case w/ Tempered Glass Panels

2 months ago Jack 0
Tempered glass cases are the thing lately. They can look slick and offer reasonable silence for your computer case. Many of the options for these cases can be expensive, but there are some cheaper models out there. This DIYPC case is on the lower end of the pricing spectrum. How does it stack up? Read More

Review: Raidmax V5 Vortex ATX Computer Case

2 months ago Jack 0
Most of us who build PCs prefer to have high quality items and shy away from the cheaply made parts and knock-offs of brand named items. That said, there are a lot of parts you can skimp on and still have a really great performing PC. Things like the power supply, CPU, and GPU are Read More

Review: Zalman T5 mATX Computer Case

2 months ago Jack 0
I couldn’t help but snag this case for a review when I saw it on dirt cheap after rebate. Is such an inexpensive case worth the money, or do you just end up with a pile of garbage. Well, keep reading to find out. Read More