Review: Brightech Circle LED USB Desk Lamp

3 weeks ago Jack 0
Small and efficient LED lights give manufacturers and product designers the freedom build lighting in interesting shapes. In this case, Brightech tip-toed into the avant-garde with an upright circular shape reminiscent of the strange Dyson fans. Read More

Review: Neewer NW-800 Microphpne

6 months ago Jack 0
For recording artists just starting out, acquiring equipment can seem almost impossible to do on a budget. Professionals may have dozens of microphones, recording environment acoustic treatments, amplifiers, monitors,  and more. A person has to start budgeting by the thousand to accumulate all of that. There are cheaper, and even dirt cheap options that can Read More

Review: JVC Gumy Eco-Friendly Earbuds

8 months ago Jack 0
JVC Gumy earbuds sell cheap. They’re so cheap and so common that it seemed like a good idea to give you all a detailed review of them and a comparison against other cheap headphones. Read More