Review: Raidmax V5 Vortex ATX Computer Case

2 months ago Jack 0
Most of us who build PCs prefer to have high quality items and shy away from the cheaply made parts and knock-offs of brand named items. That said, there are a lot of parts you can skimp on and still have a really great performing PC. Things like the power supply, CPU, and GPU are Read More

Review: TaoTronics TT-DL13 LED Desk Lamp

2 months ago Jack 0
Just received this lamp today and I’m glad I bought it. It’s packed with solid features for such a cheap lamp, but does have some hidden quirks that you should know about. On to the review! Read More

Review: Zalman T5 mATX Computer Case

2 months ago Jack 0
I couldn’t help but snag this case for a review when I saw it on dirt cheap after rebate. Is such an inexpensive case worth the money, or do you just end up with a pile of garbage. Well, keep reading to find out. Read More