Video Review: Aldi Snacks V.S. Little Debbie

9 months ago comradetao Comments Off on Video Review: Aldi Snacks V.S. Little Debbie

So, my brother and I decided to make this video as just a goofy weekend project. It proves a point though. There’s really no reason to spend more on something that gives you about the same benefits. Between these brands of snack cakes, We found that you might like one or the other better, but none were bad and the differences were small and ridiculous to point out.

Watch this video (IF YOU DARE!) but keep this in mind while you do:

The difference in price between each snack box is about $0.80. If you bought just one per week for your family, you’d save about $40 per year. If you moved to 10 generic items with similar average savings, you’re looking at $400. For some of us, that’s a week’s pay, a trip to visit family, a new TV, retirement savings, a covered doctor visit, or a dodged bullet on a car repair.