Review: Amazon Basics USB Keyboard

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I’m not a typing snob, but I’ve been a bit spoiled by the $1 Dell AT101W mechanical keyboard that I bought at the local thrift store a few years back. I haven’t found one since and, just recently I broke mine while trying to clean it. I think I can fix it, but that’s a story for another day. I spent several days using a clunky keyboard trying to shop for a replacement to the trusty dell. thinking I found it in the Havit HV-KB389L, an $80 mechanical gaming keyboard that packs clicky noises and the entirety of the Northern Lights into a pretty nice looking package, I bought it. That was the most I ever spent on a keyboard and 3 months later, I regretted it.

Yes, that keyboard developed key “bounce” or “chatter;” a common issue among modern mechanical keyboards where the key presses are registered multiple times. You might not think that’s a big deal, but when typing a long article, a person need to feel confident that he’s not misspelling every other word because of keyboard error. Hey, I have enough problems spelling correctly on my own. Since I just wanted anything that would work and give me temporary relief from the excess characters, I ordered the Amazon Basics USB keyboard.


The keyboard features “chiclet” keys but they’re spaced enough apart that typing isn’t very difficult. This keyboard has zero ergonomic adjustment options. Anything you do to make it more comfortable to type on will be a product of your own ingenuity and resourcefulness. The keyboard does not curve for comfort or extend any USB ports.. It does however have volume control buttons and a calculator button along with a few music control function keys. The Num Lock, Scroll Lock, and Caps Lock keys have tiny dim LED lights in them to indicate when those functions are toggled on and off. They’re not intrusive or distractingly bright.

p1070087On the underside you see rubber pads that help the keyboard grip your desk. Again, no adjustments are possible to the angle of the keyboard. If you work on a warped desk like I do, you’ll need something cushioned to keep this keyboard from rattling around under your hands. I use a small crocheted rectangle made by my mother exactly for this purpose. Yes, I did ask for it. Her crochet works are excellent.

Whether typing or gaming, I got used to this keyboard pretty quickly and, though it doesn’t compare to the feel of my trusty old Dell or even the Havit, it is a solid and functional peripheral tool. The Amazon Basics USB keyboard acted as my human interface device for the entirety of this review. It won’t be my permanent keyboard, and I can’t speak to the long term durability of the membrane “switches,” but for now, at least the keyboard isn’t making my typed messages look like the ramblings of a drunkard.

If you’d like to buy one of these, please use the Amazon affiliate link below. It’s how this website stays webbing. You can buy a package that comes with a basic mouse as well.

To close out this review, here’s a typing test recorded using my camera and its internal mic. You can hear rain in the background and that should give you a slight idea of the ambient volume. It’s pretty hard rain.