Review: Monoprice 8323 Headphones

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I bought these Monoprice 8323 headphones for a song and haven’t regretted the purchase one bit. I’ll type this review while listening  to them so I’ve got a nice fresh perspective. I’ve had them for over two years now and put a ton of hours on them while working.

You won’t hear words like “cans”, “sound stage”, “sibilance”, “frequency response” for most of this review. It will be in plain everyday terms that hopefully won’t drive the OCD reviewers nuts (maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned them lol). Hearing and perception differ from person to person. In general, I think it’s a waste to talk about sound quality in a headphone review (ironic no?) aside from any statements that can be made broadly about the quality.

Build Quality

The model is Monoprice 8323. They’re headphones that have become legendary at the price. There are maybe a few other models in competition , but really I’m sure all of them are great. These look exactly like a set of headphones branded under the “Kicker” name that didn’t even ring a bell when I found out about the similarities. They must not have been terribly popular; maybe because they were priced several times higher.

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Anyway, let’s go over the phones.  As you just saw, you get almost all plastic construction. The headband length is adjustable at each ear. The ear cups swivel slightly forward and about 90 degrees backward. They fold inward on themselves for easy transport and storage. You can see a small set of cushions at the top of the band for your head. The ear cups have leatherette (maybe? lol) cushions. The left side has a single 3.5mm jack for a headphone cable. Yes, it’s detachable. Notice though that it’s a tight pocket. Large 3.5mm male tips might not fit in there.

These headphones creak a little during adjustment, but sit pretty stable once you’ve got them in place. I haven’t been worried about breaking them, but they fit me will. I might have concerns if they fit too snug. Relatively little cord noise permeates your listening experience when compared to earphones, but some manages to sneak in if you’re violently swinging the cord around while rocking out to some Rick Astley.


These sound flat to me. They’re not doing my music any favors. However, they seem crisp and clear. They don’t really lack anything specific. You might want to use your equalizer to beef up the sounds that you like. I don’t have much else to say really. I’m happy with how much I can here. I have listened to music on much worse than these and probably spent more to get them. As I typed this review I listened to some classical music, “Let It Go”, “Homeless” by Paul Simon, “What I Got (Reprise)” by Sublime, and some Anime music. On these headphones, I enjoyed the sound of every song more than using my PC speakers.

Because the headphones have a closed design (they form a seal around your ears) you’ll isolate yourself from a lot of background noise while wearing them. A few times at work, someone tried to get my attention and failed until they entered my peripheral vision. They are NOT noise canceling though. You will still be able to hear many things.


These get tight and they get a little sweaty. At first, I couldn’t wear them very long without wanting to adjust them. Over time they relaxed a little, but right now, they’re tighter than I’m used to. My PC headphones are loose by comparison. Extending the length of the headphone band a bit gives relief from the squeeze. Various mods are available at your own effort to increase comfort. I don’t think they’re worth it; not at this price.

If you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them. Please consider buying these headphones from my Amazon link. It helps me get more things to review here. You will probably get them slightly cheaper if you order them directly from Monoprice though.