Review: Finnhomy 15kg Digital Kitchen Scale

7 months ago Jack 0
Browsing Amazon makes it seem like there are as many kitchen scales as there are 8-letter combinations of roman letters. This one here has an unusually high capacity for a kitchen scale. Is it any good? I’ll weight in after the break. Read More

Cheap Shoes Cost Too Much

9 months ago Jack 0
Jerry from down the street keeps getting his muffler replaced every 9 months at the same shop. “They’re cheap”, he says, “and since I need new mufflers so often I go there to save money.” Wrong, Jerry. That muffler breaks every 9 months because you cheap out on getting it fixed. Read More

Review: Thermaltake F1 Suppressor Mini-ITX Computer Case

9 months ago Jack 0
Small form factor computers enjoy a significant following of folks looking to keep their computer size down. Products like the Intel NUC allow a person to keep a tiny PC in an almost pocketable chassis. To get a full size PC power into a smaller container though, the only practical way is the ITX form Read More

Review: Neewer NW-800 Microphpne

9 months ago Jack 0
For recording artists just starting out, acquiring equipment can seem almost impossible to do on a budget. Professionals may have dozens of microphones, recording environment acoustic treatments, amplifiers, monitors,  and more. A person has to start budgeting by the thousand to accumulate all of that. There are cheaper, and even dirt cheap options that can Read More

Black Friday Tips to Save You Money

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“Black Friday” became a national sensation over the last few decades. Deal analysis before hand and coverage of the circus-like (or prison riot-like) behavior of shoppers dominate news sources around the country. Well, I’m going to contribute to the hype a little here. I’ll also give you a few tips to keep money in your Read More